Corporate and Meeting Platters
(Plate served Small 10-15 / Medium 15-20/ Large 20-30 Guests)

Morning Pastry Trays
An elegant assortment of muffins, pastries
Garnished with fresh fruit
Small - Medium - Large 

Assorted Fresh Bagel Platter
This platter contains a selection of bagels.

Served with plain cream cheese and jams

Small - Medium -


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter
This is a delightful selection of sliced melons,

seasonal fruit and fresh berries. Served with a fresh

yogurt dip
Small  – Medium  – Large 

Breakfast Casserole
A great blend of eggs, sausage and cheese

served with an array of fresh biscuits
Small  – Medium  – Large 

Meat & Cheese Platter
A bountiful arrangement of sliced deli meats and

cheese, garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and Dijon Mustard.

Served with an assortment of whole wheat

bread and croissants.
Small – Medium – Large 

Colossal Southern Salad
Crisp mixed greens topped with cucumbers,

tomatoes, boiled eggs, bacon bits, cheese

and nuts. Served with grilled chicken breast

and bread stick also your choice of dressing.
Small  - Medium  -  Large 

Fresh Homemade Chicken Salad
Chicken breast with grapes, celery and pecans.

Served on a bed of fresh lettuce with a croissant

and topped with cheese and crackers.
Small  – Medium - Large 

Lasagna Lunch
Fresh Homemade Lasagna Served
with a side salad and French bread sticks
Small - Medium - Large 

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